1st Monographic Course Secpre 2018
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1st Monographic Course Secpre 2018


Dear Colleagues:

It is the first time that the most important annual meeting of the Society is going to be carried out around a Monographic Course instead of a Conference, and it is a honour and a big responsibility for me to organise this First Monographic Course of the SECPRE about OCULOPLASTIC SURGERY.

We are putting the final touches on a program in which prevails the scientific controversy with the defence of the different techniques for similar treatments. We bet at the time for an eminently useful Course in which every speaker will focus on the explanation of the most important technical details and how to avoid the inherent risks associated to those specific surgical procedures.

Discussion panels will be held about some complex clinic cases, its technical resolutions and about how to avoid and treat surgical complications.

Our society has always been characterised of taking care of his residents, so during the Course it will be the possibility of presenting free topic posters and communications. The scientific committee will consider including the best proposals at the table of the corresponding topics, offering this way the possibility to realice this presentation together with the invited professors and the speakers.

It will also include a Course on Basic Blepharoplasty that will explain preoperative assessment, technical execution and postoperative control step by step to be able to acquire enough knowledge to perform such an intervention without making major mistakes.

We will keep you informed of the advances made in the Course organisation and it is my intention to present some of the possibilities of enjoyment offered by both Gijón and Asturias, to try to convince you to combine scientific activity with playfulness and toy make you think about the possibility of coming for the whole weekend or even the full week to enjoy this land that has by slogan "Asturias, Natural Paradise".

Through a Blog in the Course website I will involve you in what this region offers with its pleasant weather, not extreme, combing wild coast, fine sand beaches, soft mountains and the largest climbing wall of Europe, Submarine Canyons of more than 4,ooo metres and chasms of nearly a kilometre. It is the place where more Giant Squid have been collected and preserved of the world and they can be visited in Luarca, and the "Laboral University", the largest building in Spain, where we are holding our meeting.

There is a world to discover in the scientific and also in the cultural, gastronomic and nature.

We are waiting for you!

Dr. Carlos del Cacho García
Presidente de la SECPRE
Dr. Jesús Barón Thaidigsmann
Presidente del Comité Organizador
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